Food allergy kids at school
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It’s No Strife to Save a Life

Simple steps to keeping food allergic kids safe. Suggestions for keeping school safer for Food allergic kids.

Peanut free breakfast, dairy free breakfast, eat clean for kids.
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Behaviour Balancing Breakfast Smoothie

Behaviour Balancing Breakfast Smoothie! Try this delicious peanut free, eat clean, no dairy combo. Easy toddler meal in under 5 minutes!

Easy Toddler Meal ideas for breakfast. Fast, healthy, peanut and milk free! These delicious recipes will make your mornings a breeze.
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SosiCakes (Freezer Pleaser)

This is by far our toddlers favourite recipe! I wanted to create a delicious peanut free and milk free "pancake" option. It needed to be quick and easy like traditional pancakes, without the unnecessary additives found in common pre-made mixes.