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No-Bake Granola Bar Buddies

Granola Bar Buddies are healthy, fun, and peanut free! These contain only natural ingredients. They are eat clean for you and your littles.

Feed The Toddler, Healthy Snack Hacks, Snacks

Tasty Tzatziki Sauce

Ingredients 1 cup soy sour cream (or other non-dairy option)   1 medium cucumber, remove seeds   2 cloves, medium sized garlic cloves, peeled   1 Tbsp dill, chopped  Instructions Wash the dill and let it dry. Remove the seeds from the cucumber. Remove the outer skin from the garlic, roughly chop. Add all the ingredients into the food processor. Pulse until… Continue reading Tasty Tzatziki Sauce

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When the little one(s) in your life decides to go on veggie strike, it's time to get creative. These SosiSafe Broccoli Bites imitate our favorite meatball recipe but we swapped out the meat for sweet and crunchy veggies!

Feed The Toddler, Healthy Snack Hacks, Snack Attack, Snacks

Almond Butter Melt

Peanut Free ✓  Milk Free ✓  Eat Clean ✓  Family Approved ✓ Melting almond butter and coconut oil together is a charming combination. We love adding this melt to breads, loafs, and bowls of delicious hot oatmeal. Adding textual variations in meals is what keeps ‘em coming back for more. Easy Peasy Prep: 3 tablespoons… Continue reading Almond Butter Melt

Peanut free toddler meal ideas. Peanut free, eat clean with no dairy. Healthy meals your family will actually eat!
Feed the Baby, Feed The Toddler, Healthy Snack Hacks, Morning, Snack Attack, Snacks, Toddler Lunch

Sosi Cakes 

This is by far our toddlers favourite recipe! I wanted to create a delicious peanut free and milk free "pancake" option. It needed to be quick and easy like traditional pancakes, without the unnecessary additives found in common pre-made mixes.